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The Oral Damage You Can Get from Allergy Medications and Inhalers

Posted on 11/13/2017 by Century Dental LLC
Allergy Medications Century Dental OR 97123-6753
Oral hygiene practices every day is important to stay on top of your oral health. I'm sure you are doing everything you were told to do since you first met your dentist. They probably have provided tips on what kinds of foods to stay away from and tricks on how to manage your oral hygiene at home.

You've probably heard suggestions on what kind of toothbrush and toothpaste to use, and how to floss properly. One thing, however, that may not have come up just yet is how certain medications may affect your oral health. Talking with us is just as important as talking to your family doctor. Here are some things you may want to bring up at your next visit.

How Harmful Are Allergy Medications and Inhalers?

The biggest thing to remember about any kind of medication, is that there are usually always some kind of side effects. Some medications will work fine for you until something else is added. Everyone reacts to medications differently. One of the biggest side effects to an allergy medication is that it may cause you to have a dry mouth.

That is where the problems start. Saliva has a huge role in keeping the pH level in your mouth where it needs to be to prevent bacteria from forming. Not having enough saliva in your mouth is like a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

Unfortunately, with an inhaler, though used to help open up airways, it can cause tooth enamel erosion causing tooth decay, dry mouth, and can leave a residue on your teeth from leftover powder (medication). Inhalers are very high in acid. Combine that with dry mouth from lack of saliva and you can be in to see the dentist more than you would like to.

Sometimes taking these medications are very necessary to help you out with everyday life. Allergies can be anywhere and being able to get things done without that getting in the way can be a priority.

I encourage you to stay hydrated. The best way to do that is to drink lots of water. Try to find a water that contains fluoride in it. Fluoride helps restore and strengthen your tooth enamel. Continue brushing, flossing and routine checkups with your dentist.

If you feel like you are experiencing pain or discomfort get in to see your dentist right away. Putting off an easy office visit can create more problems in the future. For questions or concerns about the medication you are taking, or the inhaler you are using, give us a call today.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (971) 708-1608 today.

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